2014 – the first half

The last few months in the media and industry have seen a few ups and downs, that continue to remind us that despite facing challenging times the media industry is very capable of proactively responding to the current climate, whilst still keeping one eye firmly on the future.

The big change in the Norwegian market has been the dramatic fall on print advertising, leading to some dramatic cuts in resources for print and distribution from the big Scandinavian media groups, but also resulting in a strong, and wise, focus on the importance of digital subscriptions .

We’ve seen this change reflected in the actions of our own customers.

May saw the launch of the new Aftenposten+ digital edition for iOS and Android powered by DrMobile and delivering the daily edition straight to your device the evening before the next print edition is available. Not stopping there Aftenposten has also chosen to embrace DrFront to streamline the workflow and efficiency on the front page, and keep your eyes open for more DrMobile powered digital edition within the Schibsted Group coming later in the year.

Aftenposten is not the only one to see the value of DrFront, and May also featured the debut of DrFront for Bergensavisen  and others within the Amedia group, as the media house responds to recent cuts with a renewed emphasis on their online platforms.

But amid all the change and refocus there has still been some positive news.

VG publication Godt.no managed to pick up a WAN-IFRA award for “Best Outstanding New Project”, and we can’t help but feel a little proud when we see content written in DrPublish being implemented so well, and deservedly recognised on a global platform.

We see that all our customers are hard at work, concentrating their efforts on delivering strong online publications and added value for all their readers and subscribers, and we are matching that focus, ensuring that our products evolve further along the same path. To that end we are proud to announce that we recently joined the IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council), which will give us the chance to actively promote and contribute to standards such as NewsML-G2 and IPTC NewsCodes, that benefit the industry as a whole.

Its an exciting time to have a front row seat in the rapidly evolving media industry, and looking forward to the second half of 2014 we see some very positive developments on the way.