iNews accomplish 200% engagement level with DrEdition for Magazine (the i) has launched i’s weekend reads, a digital magazine product distributed by newsletter on Saturday mornings, and have accomplished more than 200% the engagement level, and has 25% of users engaging between 3 to 30 minutes. “The goal for inews has been to drive up engagement and user satisfaction through the weekend, and to Continue reading

10 tips for very decent front page editing

Front pages (home pages) are an important distribution point for almost any media outlet. Anything from 80% to 50% of all visits to an article stems from the front page in Scandinavia, usually. Internationally, a more normal rate is close to 30%.  Which ever camp you’re in, the front page is important for distributing your news. 10 things to Continue reading

Service outages 29.09.2014 and 01.10.2014

This week we’ve had two urgent platform maintenance incidents affecting customers of our products everything from 9 minutes to 1hour 57minutes We are sorry that you have experienced a disruption in your regular service. Availability of the services that we provide is our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns about this outage please do not Continue reading on DrFront – 25% more clicks

Byggeindustrien is the largest professional journal in one of the nation ‘s largest industries , the construction industry.  About one year ago Byggeindustrien decided to swap to DrFront, our production tool for frontpage editing.  Arve Brekkhus, the editor of the construction industry both on online and on print, explains: – We had an almost immediate traffic increase of Continue reading

Product News January 2014

DrFront With DrFront version 2 we added collaborative editing which was sought after by many of our customers. We are currently working on a DrFront version 3 which will introduce real inline editing of the frontpage, thus no more working in a separate editing window on the left side. In addition we also did some Continue reading

Responsive design from a business perspective

Management level in most media houses has asked for responsive design at least once or twice during the past couple of years. Some ask for it because they like the way the site goes “pop” into mobile-mode when you change the browser size. The site going pop being a nice feature and all, it still Continue reading

Dialogue based dictatorship

We’re planning some major improvements to how our products are used. It so happened that one project triggered the other, and we’re left with about 6-9 projects (depending on how you group them) that needs to be coordinated in order to achieve the aims. Coordination takes time from developers, so we have to find an Continue reading

Thoughts on Program Managers

A good program manager (PM) is imperative for making really good software products. In Toyota, they have this role of Chief Engineer. For those who don’t know, Toyota has been the fastest growing car company most of the time since the 1950’s, and apart from having technical excellence in their product, they credit a lot Continue reading

Company self-examination

This week we gathered the entire company (first time, ever) for a couple of strategy sessions. We ended up doing a lot of reflective exercises, talking a lot about how we work. Below are the results. Identifying our own weaknesses Reflections were very open hearted, which made it a very useful exercise. Not enough “slack” Continue reading

3 More Industry Problems

Today I read an excellent and, as always, emotional journal paper by Tom Gilb — the measure guy of software — entitled “What’s Wrong with Requirements Specifications? An Analysis of the Fundamental Failings of Conventional Thinking about Software Requirements, and Some Suggestions for Getting it Right“. (Download PDF) It got me thinking (once again) about Continue reading