Coffee Consumption Graph (CCG)

We’re no better then the rest. We drink loads of coffee, and we like it. We even measure consumption, cup by cup, and brag about it on our blog. (Bookmark this page, the graph updates during the day!) During the weekends the graph is normally flat, so check back in during weekdays. First cup is Continue reading

The Burn-Down Graph

The burn-down graph provides the team with visual feedback on the sprint progress. The process of setting up a realistic burn-down graph is imperative. In this post, I’ll get into why and how. I have been eager to share more from our experiences with Scrum. Some might remember our Scrum-series from back in the days Continue reading

Mother Of All UTF-8 Checklists

I believe we have overcome all future encoding challenges. And that’s the cue-word here; believe. Encoding has a way of sneaking up on you, kicking you in the butt when you least expect it. We’d like to share with you what we believe have proven to bring us from encoding hell and into UTF-8-heaven. (Writing Continue reading

Live streaming the Christmas Party @ Aptoma

We’re having a Christmas party today, and we’re having it in our office. We figure that the only thing sadder than having the Christmas party at the office, would be to provide a live-stream from the party itself. So that’s what we are were doing. We’re even changing our home-page to reflect this. Visit Continue reading

The Power of Feedback

This post is really about our broken comment system. We are suckers for feedback here at Aptoma. We hold listening to the right sources of feedback as core for improvement in the right directions. As I frequently mention: without feedback there is little chance of improvement. In fact, the possibility to receive user feedback is Continue reading

6 Months In: Our Scrum Experiences

We’ve been scrumming for about 6 months. It’s been great fun, and it’s about time for a recap. This post covers the benefits and challenges discovered so far. Also, we offer some warnings to anyone currently considering to adopt scrum. 3 Benefits Team communication has improved. There’s less of the “I’ll go off do this Continue reading

Estimation Using Planning Poker in Scrum

To do estimates we use planning poker. The concept is really simple. Here I’ll tell you how. The cards Everyone gets their stack of cards, from which one picks one card per round of estimating a task. The numbers represent hours, “?” means just what you think (“I have no clue”) and infinity means it’s Continue reading

Scrum Basics – Now With Goobledygook, an Image and References

Scrum, Scrum, Scrum. We’ve been covering Scrum in such detail it makes you sick. And now we’ve finally covered it all (the basics, that is). I’m still quite sure we’ll be returning with more rationale, elaborations and goobledygook in general. This will to some degree be a copy of the Scrum basics-post which ran July Continue reading