Profiling JavaScript performance using the WebInspector.

When you have a specific feature in your web application that is starting to feel slow, it can be hard to find out exactly what’s going on in a complex event driven application. The profiler in the WebInspector in Google Chrome is an excellent tool for helping you out with this. This is our experience Continue reading

Improved paste after import in DrFront v3

We added a new feature in DrFront v3.31.0 today. When pasting articles from the import panel the article will no longer be full size by default, instead it will use the same size as the article which it’s pasted on. This is a feature that existed in DrFront v2, but was removed in v3. We Continue reading

Aloha versus TinyMCE 4

The TinyMCE 3 editor that we used in DrFront v2 works pretty well. But we wanted to make better use of workspace area, choosing inline editing directly on the front seemed the natural way to go and the timing seemed right since WYSIWYG editors had been evolved. In September 2012 we did some research and Continue reading

Automated Unit Testing for JavaScript

In our work towards Continuous Deployment and an improved approach to JavaScript we are missing one very important thing – automated unit testing for JavaScript. Currently we have have some tests written in TestCase that will run in the browser. But we need away to automate this without the need of a browser so we have Continue reading

PHP Sessions – Mysterious Timeouts Explained

I recently found out something I think worth writing a couple of lines about. Have you ever tried to make a HTTP request from PHP to a second script and preserve the session and ending up with the request hanging? Let me give you an example. home.php: session_start(); … $url = “http://url/admin.php?PHPSESSID=”.session_id(); $fp = fopen($url, Continue reading

Writing Responsive Code in Javascript

So, in the beginning all the things you’ve done in Javascript runs quick as the rabbit and your application feels very snappy. But after a while as your code is getting more complex and growing in size, you’ll probably experience that the application is not as responsive as you wish. Here’s a technique to help Continue reading