Responsive design from a business perspective

Management level in most media houses has asked for responsive design at least once or twice during the past couple of years. Some ask for it because they like the way the site goes “pop” into mobile-mode when you change the browser size. The site going pop being a nice feature and all, it still Continue reading

Dialogue based dictatorship

We’re planning some major improvements to how our products are used. It so happened that one project triggered the other, and we’re left with about 6-9 projects (depending on how you group them) that needs to be coordinated in order to achieve the aims. Coordination takes time from developers, so we have to find an Continue reading

Thoughts on Program Managers

A good program manager (PM) is imperative for making really good software products. In Toyota, they have this role of Chief Engineer. For those who don’t know, Toyota has been the fastest growing car company most of the time since the 1950’s, and apart from having technical excellence in their product, they credit a lot Continue reading

Company self-examination

This week we gathered the entire company (first time, ever) for a couple of strategy sessions. We ended up doing a lot of reflective exercises, talking a lot about how we work. Below are the results. Identifying our own weaknesses Reflections were very open hearted, which made it a very useful exercise. Not enough “slack” Continue reading

3 More Industry Problems

Today I read an excellent and, as always, emotional journal paper by Tom Gilb — the measure guy of software — entitled “What’s Wrong with Requirements Specifications? An Analysis of the Fundamental Failings of Conventional Thinking about Software Requirements, and Some Suggestions for Getting it Right“. (Download PDF) It got me thinking (once again) about Continue reading

Work For Us

We are very proud to announce that @rudolfrck will be joining us as of 1st of October 2010. And, we are still hiring in Gothenburg and Oslo. We are looking for talented and hard-working developers with the desire to be a part of what we are trying to create. We develop software products for the Continue reading

Limit Work to Capacity

Hard work does not pay off. At least not if your ultimate goal is to improve at what you do. And not if what you do is quality product development. In that case you need to build in slack for learning into the system. You want everyone to have time for sharing, improving and learning Continue reading

Automated Unit Testing for JavaScript

In our work towards Continuous Deployment and an improved approach to JavaScript we are missing one very important thing – automated unit testing for JavaScript. Currently we have have some tests written in TestCase that will run in the browser. But we need away to automate this without the need of a browser so we have Continue reading

A first look at JavaScript Frameworks

In our discussion today about Javascript frameworks we finally came to a conclusion, of sort, regarding when to use frameworks. In back office applications we can use whatever framework we want. It is used by a small number of people and we have total control over possible dependencies and namespace collisions, so we do not Continue reading