Enterprise JavaScript Coding

Not many years ago, people would giggle and think of enterprise and JavaScript as an oxymoron. Not so much anymore. If you want to be a serious actor even in (or maybe especially in) the enterprise software market, you have to take JavaScript seriously. Large parts of your product’s business logic might find its way Continue reading

Notes on Continuous Deployment

Scenario: A customer has a problem with your software. His questions makes you think and you get an idea for a feature improvement. A good one! Act on it. Plan it Code it Test it Commit it Deploy it Nothing out of the ordinary, it seems. The seemingly new thing about continuous deployment is that Continue reading

Great Software : A Definition

Defining what great software is, is not a complex endeavor. I prefer to boil it down into two distinct characteristics. a) Ease of Use The software solution walks you gently through the process of solving your problems as intended. No distractions, no unnecessary decisions to make, no confusions, always heading towards the goal. In short Continue reading

Quality and speed. A primer in team design.

How you design your team has a great deal to say for the speed and quality of the resulting work the team will do. Speed The ultimate ideal for speed is a one-man show. There’s this one guy doing everything in the project. He is competent in engineering practices such as software design, scaling and Continue reading

3 Major Problems With the Software Industry

There are three prominent problems in the software industry that bothers me in particular at the moment. Being a part of that industry, I feel somewhat responsible to help shed some light on these problems. I list each problem below, with a proposed solution outlined. Problem 1. Foot-in-the-door Software The recipe for creating foot-in-the-door software Continue reading

Caching Concluded (for now)

It’s been very interesting looking at different technologies and strategies, and we are now concluded and will be leaving the topic of caching for now. Caching Todo-items Reverse Proxy Caching and ESI We will be creating an internal guideline-document for using Varnish, which we’ll also publish here on the blog. Varnish is a simple, fast Continue reading

Caching Improvements

We are continuing our caching discussions from the past few weeks : 7 Approved Caching Technologies Caching Strategies Our goal in the previous few weeks has been to identify caching strategies and technologies. We have now used this knowledge to identify where to invest our focus on improvements. Our conclusion is to go fiercely ahead Continue reading

7 Approved Caching Technologies

(These are the notes from Aptoma Monday School for week #44 and #45) We have recently been blogging our notes on different modi operandi of caching. To sum it up, these were: reverse proxy caching, application caching (view caching, subview caching and object/data-caching), opcode caching, client caching and query caching. We have spent the last Continue reading

Caching Strategies (AMS week #43)

This is the second post of our lecture notes from Aptoma Monday School – series (AMS). As it is lecture notes, you should expect the texsts to be a bit rough around the edges. We’ve decided to discuss and revise our caching strategies. Our session this week was spent settling upon a set of cache Continue reading