MySQL Query Cache

The following article is an in-depth look at Query Cache, mentioned briefly in our post about Caching Strategies. With Query Cache, the result set from SELECT queries are cached with the query command itself as key. Meaning that if a SELECT query initially executes in ten seconds, consecutive times the _exact_ (including whitespace, case and Continue reading

Aptoma Monday School, week #42

We’ve launched a new initiative here at Aptoma, and we have given it the mundane name of ‘Aptoma Monday School’ (AMS). We could have been cool and written “Skool” or something like that, but we didn’t. AMS is basically an intense hour each Monday @ 0900 hours which we dedicate to educate ourselves through presenting Continue reading

Why Pair Programming?

I am a sucker for rationale. I’ve been struggling with rationale on the Extreme Programming (XP)-practice of pair programming for quite some time. What at first looks like one person writing code, and the other one watching, has admittedly been very counter intuitive to me. Let me share my current thoughts of benefits and disadvantages Continue reading

Your Rights as a Customer

The Software Management Manifesto *) You have the right to an overall plan. The team should tell you what they could accomplish in the next year or two, and tell you how much that would cost. You have the right to see progress. From the very beginning of the project, the team should be producing Continue reading

Scrum, XP, Lean … Who Are All These People?

The Agile movement *) has a lot of buzzwords. Keeping track of them, and knowing what is what is not always that simple. Questions you might ponder may include What is the difference between Scrum and XP? Why are some using Scrum and some XP, and why are some using both? What does XP have Continue reading

Just-in-Time User Stories (in the Product Backlog)

In our summary post of Scrum, we refer to the Product Backlog as “a list of functional and non-functional requirements sorted by importance“. This post aims to improve and add to this definition. We have decided to go with user stories in the Product Backlog. A user story is a short description of a functionality Continue reading

Coffee Consumption Graph (CCG)

We’re no better then the rest. We drink loads of coffee, and we like it. We even measure consumption, cup by cup, and brag about it on our blog. (Bookmark this page, the graph updates during the day!) During the weekends the graph is normally flat, so check back in during weekdays. First cup is Continue reading