The Product Backlog – 6 benefits

This post covers rationale and practical details about the product backlog. Have a look at the post on scrum basics to put the Product Backlog into the greater picture. The product backlog is a list of functional and non-functional requirements sorted by importance. It is continuously updated and maintained to represent current customer needs. The Continue reading

Scrum basics – everything but the gobbledygook

I have recently written a few short posts about Scrum without having the decency to set the scene and introduce you to what Scrum really is. That’s why I’ve now made an effort to summarize the mechanisms of Scrum. I’m making this a short, stripped down introduction for two purposes; a) To show how small Continue reading

5 Reasons Why We Are Implementing Scrum

We’re implementing Scrum as a process framework for the development of our projects. We’re iteratively implementing it, sprint for sprint. Therefore, this is not a post on how we do Scrum, rather it is a post on why we’re implementing it. Reason #null: It’s agile It’s so fundamental that I’m not going to justify this Continue reading

Writing Responsive Code in Javascript

So, in the beginning all the things you’ve done in Javascript runs quick as the rabbit and your application feels very snappy. But after a while as your code is getting more complex and growing in size, you’ll probably experience that the application is not as responsive as you wish. Here’s a technique to help Continue reading