on DrFront – 25% more clicks


Byggeindustrien is the largest professional journal in one of the nation ‘s largest industries , the construction industry.  About one year ago Byggeindustrien decided to swap to DrFront, our production tool for frontpage editing Arve Brekkhus, the editor of the construction industry both on online and on print, explains:

– We had an almost immediate traffic increase of 25 % on our frontpage after we started using DrFront

Key figures on 
The print publications have been around since 1968 , and they emerged on the internet in 2001. They are organized as a traditional media house with a responsible publisher, editor, managing editor and their own editorial department, all in all 28 employees. On the web they have approx . 1,900,000 page views a month , divided into about 150,000 unique visitors . 20 % of that is from mobile users. They produce around 25 articles daily. The main way to reach the readers are through their website and the daily newsletter which goes out to almost 30,000 subscribers.

Transition to DrFront has influenced you in what way?
– 25 % more clicks from the front  almost overnight  was more than we expected beforehand. This has made ​​us more profitable and more attractive to advertisers. And not least, it shows that we offer a better experience for our readers , he said.


– We need to think more of what we publish and not least where and how. The use of titles and images has become a major topic on the desk . It is now often stimulating to conversations across the graphic artists,  journalists and the frontpage editors. DrFront training was adequate within an hour, but it is an ongoing and challenging job to create and maintain a good frontpage every day. We perceive this as positive though as it has made ​​us a better online edition . We also had a continued steady growth in new users for the transition to DrFront, he elaborates .

Some disadvantages of switching to DrFront ?
– The transition to DrFront and Aptoma has been painless and without any nonsense. The project was really quite small and worked just fine. We have not experienced any negative impact on the workflow or the capacity of the desk. The product gave us some  more costs, but it has been justified without difficulty due to the increased quality for our users and growth that provides ad revenue , says Brekkhus .

In print, they have a circulation of 14,401 (2011) with 19 issues per year. They have more than 50,000 readers per issue, of which 41,000 are managers.