Caching Concluded (for now)

hammertimeIt’s been very interesting looking at different technologies and strategies, and we are now concluded and will be leaving the topic of caching for now.

Caching Todo-items

Reverse Proxy Caching and ESI
We will be creating an internal guideline-document for using Varnish, which we’ll also publish here on the blog. Varnish is a simple, fast and stable technology excellently suited for the job (Reverse Proxy Caching and Edge Side Includes).

Data Caching
We will be re-implementing our data-cache layer in our framework, namely AFWCache. The goal is keep options open for future technologies, while solving today’s needs elegantly (as in: sustainable software development). It will become an abstract class which through use of the adapter pattern will support our two technologies of choice, namely Memcache and APC, which serves as both opcode cache and data cache layer.

Future topics for Aptoma Monday School

We’ll be spending this week considering a new set of challenges to thrive on. We’ll conclude this Friday in which direction we’ll move.

  • JavaScript Guidelines
  • Upgraded database adapter class for our framework

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