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Our customers are leading Scandinavian news publishers. We provide software services that enable our customers to focus on the user experience, rather than technical platform issues or workflow gripes.

We are seeing up to 15 pageviews per visit, on average, when using Swipe Editions to publish our national daily in the evening.


DrPublish is very intuitive and user friendly. It allows for fast creation of new sections with a great layout.


The introduction of DrPublish has resulted in a significant improvement in virtually every editorial process in E24.


NRK's goal with a redesigned front page is to show users our content in a more dynamic and vibrant way. Journalism, programs and activities on the new packed into a functional and exciting design. We concluded that DrFront was the most appropriate tool to achieve this.

A key part of our great success is our ability to adjust content to exactly reflect the current most important events, minute by minute. It makes our readers return again and again throughout the day. DrFront enables us to do this with low effort and great results.


From a cost perspective, the DrMobile layout automation features ensure
that we can deliver design perfection to all our articles on both
tablets and smartphones. Getting our editorial staff to work with
DrMobile has been seemless — they love the creative flexibility and
simplicity of use.

VG Mobil

We can now provide a far better VG+ product that creates a more active reader and better sales, as well as a production solution with much lower staffing than we had when using tools from other vendors