Digital News Initiative

We are excited to announce that our joint application with Nettavisen has been successful in achieving funding from Google in the Round 2 DNI Innovation fund results announced on 17th November.

The Digital News Initiative is a partnership between Google and news publisher in Europe to support high quality journalism through technology and innovation and our application sits side by side with 124 other projects spanning 25 countries across Europe that have been offered funding in this round.

We are still keeping the finer details of the project under wraps for the moment, but it should come as no surprise that 2017 will see some new developments that help you showcase the best front page you can! In the meantime we will just whet your appetite with the project description:

In a world of endless social media snacking, your front page is your best chance to make a lasting and valuable impression on your readers. It is the place to both show your best content and your personality. We have observed that readers’ brand awareness and willingness to act is highest via the front page, and that the handcrafted approach has been highly effective to this end. Our goal is to merge a personalised experience onto the front page while preserving the handcrafted experience readers have come to expect.

For more more information about the Digital News Initiative visit the website here and take a look at some of the other projects that received funding in round 2.

Read the full announcement hereĀ