Enterprise JavaScript Coding

Not many years ago, people would giggle and think of enterprise and JavaScript as an oxymoron. Not so much anymore. If you want to be a serious actor even in (or maybe especially in) the enterprise software market, you have to take JavaScript seriously. Large parts of your product’s business logic might find its way into your JavaScript scope, not to mention your GUI elements, and you must be prepared when it does.

We have decided to address JavaScript with more care. We’d like to give it the time and focus it deserves. Not to be mistaken, we are probably in the top 5% of businesses going deep into JavaScript on our enterprise software, but we still feel we can go further — especially in the fields of quality assurance and scaling.

Lo and behold, we give you;

Monday School Notes from JavaScript session #1

Table of Content

We have decided to divide the subject of JavaScript into the following sections:

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