New text editor in LayoutPreview

We’ve been working on responsive features in LayoutPreview for some time, and are finally ready to reveal our new text editor.

Requirements for the new editor:

  • Better control of line heights and font sizes
  • Improve speed and performance
  • Reduce errors related to text selections
  • More consistent look and feel with the rest of LayoutPreview

To improve support for responsive titles/headers, we recently switched to using relative sizes for text resizing. This opened up a set of new challenges as the user no longer had a predictable way of inputting values for font sizes.

We needed the predictability of pixels and the flexibility of ems. After some development we came up with a great solution to this (video below).

Adjusting line heights in text editors have always been a big challenge, so we wanted to rethink how this is done. The solution we came up with is more flexible and easier to use than ever.

The new editor will be bundled with LayoutPreview 1.9, which is due for release early June.

See a demonstration of the new features in the video below.

It’s also important to note that we’ve decided to remove the options to adjust letter word spacing, as this is a feature rarely in use, and can be solved other ways.

UPDATE: We’ve decided to reintroduce letter-spacing, as this can be a useful feature to have.