Product News January 2014


With DrFront version 2 we added collaborative editing which was sought after by many of our customers. We are currently working on a DrFront version 3 which will introduce real inline editing of the frontpage, thus no more working in a separate editing window on the left side. In addition we also did some new improvements on the layout, rewrote the snippets handling and are writing off Rsync over API connection. We’re really eager to get it out too you soon, except it to be available sometime into 2014.


Earlier this autumn, DrVideo implemented Secure HD from Akamai for VGTV and Aftonbladet TV. This enables VGTV to stream Saturday Night Live and other purchased content to Norwegian viewers while upholding the DRM requirements set by NBC. By using Akamai Secure HD, VGTV can now also license and provide other 3rd party content with similar strict content control requirement.

For Aftonbladet, Akamai Secure HD has been used on their Sportbladet S24 site where users can purchase access to Swedish ice hockey matches. Schibsted’s single sign-on SPiD is in this project used for user authorization and payment processing. Their next project will be using this DrVideo, Akamai Secure HD and SPiD integration for selling and streaming football matches from the German Bundesliga


DrPublish is as of 2013 offered as a SaaS service, which greatly simplifies setup and maintenance processes for our customers. DrPublish is currently being set up as the single writing place in the VG media house, both for paper and digital formats. This means establishing a real-time synchronization to their paper publishing CMS. DrPublish, with all its article editing and API power, can thus soon become your writer regardless of which publishing CMS you already have.


DrMobile designs magazine quality articles at news media speeds for tablets and smartphones. DrMobile has since March 2013 powered the no. 1 digital subscription edition in Norway, and has been part in lifting VG+ towards the top 10 list overall for subscription papers.

Free-hand article design is a killer feature of DrMobile, and yet DrMobile is now also capable of full design automation. No personnel involved. This combination of full automation and free-hand design is unique. The VG+ publication is nominated for the Schibsted Innovation Award this year.


We have recently completed a big project for Byggeindustrien by helping them out with new webpages for is now using DrPublish for article production.