Front Page editing

Create a front page that engages your readers with a minimum of keystrokes, or on full automation.

Increase engagement on your no.1 digital product: the Front Page

Articles are automatically arranged into beautiful responsive layout compositions on the website front page, and it adapts to any screen size. You can at any time do manual adjustments to the content and layout on the front page, or hand control over to algorithms and automations. Check out this video to see it in action.


Front Page HTML output is responsive and fits every screen size perfectly, even the ads will fit snugly for improved readability.

Image editing and AI

Edit and crop images in real-time, our AI will automatically crop images to fit your layout, respecting your parameters.


DrEdition integrates with your ad serving solutions.

Import content from any CMS

DrEdition lets you efficiently import and publish articles from your article database.

Easy setup

DrEdition runs as Saas on our servers, and accepts JSON-feeds from your existing CMS, and produces production ready HTML as output.

Real-time preview

Design the news rapidly, control text, layout and images in real-time for every screen size.

APIs for everything

Roll your own HTML using API output. Add your own curation algorithms by using the two-way APIs.


You can automate from 0 to 100%.


Front Pages is powered by DrEdition.

Simple licensing

One monthly payment covers all: support, updates and hosting. No long-term contract period.