Swipe Editions

You can achieve more than 400% more engagement than your digital website.

Swipe Editions

Swipe Editions lets you curate and publish browser based digital magazines and newspapers with a friction free user experience for both editors and readers.

With a minimum of fuss editions can be created and published delivering a beautiful reading experience in a familiar format with your typography and brand colours included within the pre-packaged article template.


Plug and play

Load your content from any existing article database, or use DrPublish from Aptoma.

Drag and drop

Create and preview an edition in minutes with simple drag and drop features.

Paywall support

Editions can be easily hosted behind your existing paywall.

Blazingly fast

Compiled editions render faster than anything you’ve experienced before.

Simple setup

Publish an edition without the need for any additional infrastructure.

Custom domains

Easily setup a unique URL to fit with your own branding.


Swipe Editions are powered by our DrEdition backend.