Service Outage 19.05.2014

Between the hours of 15.12 and 17.02 on 19.5.2014 we experienced a major service outage across ¾ of our core services.

The outage was a result of power failures with SoftLayer, one of our trusted third party suppliers, and to date the largest we have experienced.

SoftLayer were quick to communicate with us about the issue, and work immediately began to resolve the situation. In the meantime our internal measures for service continuity took effect, and disruption to public facing sites was reduced to 30 minutes whilst the outage was in progress, with all services returned to normal by 17.02.

As part of any major service outage we perform a full assessment of the root causes, and where appropriate modify our internal architecture to accommodate any required precautions, which will also be posted online once complete.

Availability of the services that we provide is of top priority, and we are soory that you have experienced a disruption in your regular service.

In order to maintain full transparency on our service patform we have an active status page which details ongoing issues in realtime at: and you can also follow updates at:

If you have any questions or concerns about this outage please do not hesitate to contact us on