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Customer service program

Aptoma delivers operational critical software for news organisations. Our team consists of highlytrained and skilled staff who operate on a daily basis in conjunction with the the major players in the media market in Scandinavia today.

We want to ensure that you get the right level of service and support that suits your organisation’s needs. In order to do this, we believe support and service is part of the same game; namely good dialogue and communication. With this in mind, we offer different service programs in order to provide you with the right level of support, expertise, involvement, best practices and strategic alignment.

General Benefits

Our basic support package provided to all customers includes:

  • Free access to email support with guaranteed response time within 16 business hours
  • 24/7 telephone hotline for system critical incidents
  • Direct access to in-house specialist during first installation and launch for integration with our

If you require special attention, you can sign up for one of our enhanced service programs.

Contact us for pricing and additional information.

Available Service Programs


Aptoma’s Bronze service program is free for all customers with a licence to any of our products. The bronze support program covers basic and general assistance and support for you as a customer on a reactive level.


Aptoma’s Silver service program is suitable for news-providers who rely heavily on our products for daily run-time operations, and who require quick assistance with challenging support needs. Customers who are interested, and engaged in, upcoming features and new strategic alignments would also benefit from the Silver program.

Silver covers all benefits from the bronze program, plus additional expedited response on support, proactive involvement and attention.


Aptoma’s Gold service program is tailored to meet the challenging, immediate and extensive needs of the biggest news channels and organisations. The Gold program also covers your need to stay close to what’s stirring in the business such as relevant innovation trends, new technology, best practises and how it all fits in with our product line.

In addition to all benefits of the Silver program, Gold offers near-immediate response to urgent issues, named personal support contact and additional optional support channels.

Which Option Is Right For You?

Service Level Bronze Silver Gold
Availability Monday-FridayBusiness hours:09-15 (GMT +1) Monday-FridayBusiness hours: 09-21 (GMT +1) Monday-SundayBusiness hours: 07-23 (GMT +1)
Guaranteed Response Time All issues 16 business hours: Means-tested All issues 8 business hours: Prioritized All issues2 hours: Immediate attention
Support Channels Email support Email support.Skype access upon request Email supportSkype access & telephone contact upon request
Personnel First line of support Technical staff on first line of support Relevant developers available
Proactive maintenance
Interaction n/a Consultation and status meetings on the initiative of Aptoma.Minimum 1/year. Consultation and status meetings on the initiative of Aptoma with optional supplier developer
presence.Minimum 2/year.
Engagement n/a Invitation to beta testing and prototypes Invitation to beta testing and prototypes.
Invitation to roadmap planning and strategic crossroads.
Sharing and distribution of emerging products and concepts.