Coffee Consumption Graph (CCG)

We’re no better then the rest. We drink loads of coffee, and we like it. We even measure consumption, cup by cup, and brag about it on our blog. (Bookmark this page, the graph updates during the day!) During the weekends the graph is normally flat, so check back in during weekdays. First cup is Continue reading

The Power of Feedback

This post is really about our broken comment system. We are suckers for feedback here at Aptoma. We hold listening to the right sources of feedback as core for improvement in the right directions. As I frequently mention: without feedback there is little chance of improvement. In fact, the possibility to receive user feedback is Continue reading

Sprint Planning, second segment — Plan 30 days

This post covers the second segment of Sprint Planning, read about the first segment here. As with the first segment, the second segment is also time-boxed to 4 hours. During the first segment the team committed to items in the Product Backlog. The purpose of the second segment of Sprint Planning, is to create a Continue reading