Estimation Using Planning Poker in Scrum

To do estimates we use planning poker. The concept is really simple. Here I’ll tell you how. The cards Everyone gets their stack of cards, from which one picks one card per round of estimating a task. The numbers represent hours, “?” means just what you think (“I have no clue”) and infinity means it’s Continue reading

Sprint Planning, second segment — Plan 30 days

This post covers the second segment of Sprint Planning, read about the first segment here. As with the first segment, the second segment is also time-boxed to 4 hours. During the first segment the team committed to items in the Product Backlog. The purpose of the second segment of Sprint Planning, is to create a Continue reading

The Product Backlog – 6 benefits

This post covers rationale and practical details about the product backlog. Have a look at the post on scrum basics to put the Product Backlog into the greater picture. The product backlog is a list of functional and non-functional requirements sorted by importance. It is continuously updated and maintained to represent current customer needs. The Continue reading