6 Months In: Our Scrum Experiences

We’ve been scrumming for about 6 months. It’s been great fun, and it’s about time for a recap. This post covers the benefits and challenges discovered so far. Also, we offer some warnings to anyone currently considering to adopt scrum. 3 Benefits Team communication has improved. There’s less of the “I’ll go off do this Continue reading

Estimation Using Planning Poker in Scrum

To do estimates we use planning poker. The concept is really simple. Here I’ll tell you how. The cards Everyone gets their stack of cards, from which one picks one card per round of estimating a task. The numbers represent hours, “?” means just what you think (“I have no clue”) and infinity means it’s Continue reading

Scrum Basics – Now With Goobledygook, an Image and References

Scrum, Scrum, Scrum. We’ve been covering Scrum in such detail it makes you sick. And now we’ve finally covered it all (the basics, that is). I’m still quite sure we’ll be returning with more rationale, elaborations and goobledygook in general. This will to some degree be a copy of the Scrum basics-post which ran July Continue reading

The Sprint (part 2/2) – The Daily Scrum

This is the second post about The Sprint in Scrum. Read the first one here. The Daily Scrum Meeting is the continuous inspection and adaptation mechanism of Scrum. The Team inspects its own efforts, and adapts to new information. To put the Daily Scrum into the larger picture, have a look at this brief overview Continue reading