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Our goal is to enable editors and journalists to get their job done without ever worrying about the tools they use. We provide seamless solutions adapted to your needs.

Real time editing for your front page

Find out why 60% of the top ten Scandinavian websites have chosen DrFront to power their front pages. Use DrFront to guide your readers to the content that matters

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Effortless article production

Your content is king, so you need a writing tool that focuses your creativity and enhances your workflow in a distraction free environment

DrPublish puts you back in charge of your content.

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Powering Scandinavias largest news rooms

First class support

Great tools are only the start to perfecting your online presence. Aptoma is not just a service provider, we are the resource you need to help turn your concepts into reality.

  • Included for all customers
  • Email support during business hours: 09-15 (GMT +1)
  • 16 hour response time
  • 24/7 hotline for system critical incidents
  • All the features of Bronze plus:
  • 8 hour response time
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  • All the features of Silver plus
  • Direct access to product developers during business hours
  • 2 hour response time
  • Email, Skype and telephone access
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