About us

We are here to strengthen new media businesses.

Some background info…

Established in 2004, we’re a software development and consultancy company of 17 highly motivated and skilled individuals. We have offices in Norway, Sweden and even an employee in Spain. We work only with news media organizations, primarily in Scandinavia.

Since 2005 we’ve been serving high volume video publishing sites, and we’ve been supporting a new role on the news desk of progressive digital media organizations, namely the front-page editor. We deliver a tool so flexible and effective that it now powers the front-page of many of the largest sites of Scandinavia, including VG.no, NRK.no, EkstraBladet.dk, DR.dk, TV2.no, 20Minutes.fr, SOL.no and many more. The front- page being the main product of most new media organizations, we are serving an approximated 25–30.000.000 daily pageviews on DrFront-made pages (including mobile devices.) In a region with a population of approximately 19.000.000 people, this is a lot. Recently, we have also brought this unique balance of flexibility and efficacy to the world of article production and article layout.

Our vision

Our vision of the perfect news media organization, is one being able to show what the see immediately, convey all their knowledge and to improve how they do it, with efficacy, flexibility and joy. Our mission is to offer tools that shapes effective, flexible and profitable news organisations.

Our work

We form teams around each critical step in your editorial workflow, and by an ongoing quest to improve them, turn ideas into software. We use open APIs and established standards, so our products won’t lock you in – they will fit in. By applying a continuous and rigorous simplification process to our all our user interfaces, we seek to bring the joy back to work. We act by the following principles.

    1. Fix bugs first.
    2. Feedback from real users drives real product development.
    3. Stand-still is decline in software and in new media.
    4. Quality for us means effective, flexible and scalable tools.
    5. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Achieving it will improve something unexpected.
    6. All our activities must create actual customer value, or be removed.

Our customers

Serving a very specific market, a market that needs to change and improve continuously through the digital revolution, we find that sharing a vision and a road-map with our customers is the only way to create change at the required pace. Customers share their vision and their goals, and thus we are able to support these in due time. We move quickly into new areas through sharing a mission and its risks with our customers. We find that collaboration with fast and shared results, brings back many of the editorial and business dreams that has been put aside due to past frustrations and limitations.

Working close to our customers, we must be clear on expectations. To clarify this, we provide a list of guarantees and requirements to our customers:

  • The problems we help solve, we care for end-to-end.
  • You will get the right tool for the job.
  • Tools are efficient, easy to use, scalable, fast, secure and always up to date.
  • Your users will receive training.
  • Your solution will be fixed fast if it breaks.
  • We care about your problems, no matter who’s to blame.
  • We will not lock you in. You data will be open, available and flexible in use.
  • We will not lock you in (2). Most of our tools can be used independently.

Powering Scandinavias largest news rooms