Article production - content first

DrPublish puts you back in charge of your content, leaving you free to tell your story the way you intended

DrPublish works the way you do

DrPublish lets journalists create articles suited for digital and print, with ease. It is arguably the simplest and most versatile production tool apt for use by major news media outlets. DrPublish reflects what an article is all about – a vibrant, flexible and ever changing storyline where you also can dedicate an article version for automated print production.

Effortless publishing

Design the article on the fly; control text, layout and images in real-time – and hit publish!

Archive and Search

At the core is a full fledged archive system with search capabilities, complete with versioning and meta-data. The scaleable RESTful API delivers channel agnostic data.

Image editing

Hook up your favorite image or video provider directly into your work flow, and finish up with built in image editing. No need for 3rd party software.


Import content

Import articles, images and videos from your existing content sources, as well as 3rd party sources like news and image agencies.

Plugin support

An innovative plugin architecture lets you easily develop and maintain a hassle free information flow between DrPublish and your own information hubs.

Cross channel distribution

Publish to every screen; create different templates on the fly for use on web, tablet, smartphones or other preferred channels.

Simple licensing

One monthly payment covers it all: support and version updates, delivered as SaaS. No long-term contract period required. Aptoma takes care of hosting the software, guaranteed uptime and streamlined updates.