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We create, sell and deliver the media production-, editing- and automation tools, DrPublish, DrEdition Front Pages, and DrEdition Print Automation. These tools run in the browser as Software as a Service (SaaS) tools. Log in to DrEdition or DrPublish to access docs, or contact us at

Each of our software services have a monthly recurring license cost. We set the price based on a fixed price list for each service. Price list uses no. of editorial FTEs in your organisation as the determining factor, in addition to country of operations. We do not charge a per user fee. A finite and sufficient amount of Terabytes traffic, Terabytes database- and static storage is included in the monthly cost. Support is included in the monthly cost. Assistance comes at a time-and-material cost.

Terms and conditions
You may peruse our terms here. In addition, all customers have an individually specified termsheet to accommodate any individual specifics in setup or other circumstances.

To properly manage your AMP account(s) you will need in-house sysadmins with the following skill-set: HTML5 including JavaScript and CSS, Github, CLI, Running a node.js app on localhost, URL-templates, JSON sent with postmessage, and XML. Depending on which products, you may only need a subset.

More information

Set up

Assistance, yes
While our software services are biased towards self-service, we provide help, assistance, project support, and on-demand feature development during setup projects. It is integral to our sales-process to discover what is needed, and to plan a timeline for the setup-project. Get in touch with

Consultancy, no
While we can provide highly trained resources for knowledge intense activities in setup projects — such as training super-users, feature development on AMP services, and managed services — we do not provide generic consultancy resources for customer-side activities during the setup project.


Jesper Nørgaard, Jysk Fynske Medier 2020:

It was a pleasure working with Aptoma during the setup-project. Our inquiries and needs were timely answered. Aptoma keep what they promise. I like how they say no instead of maybe, when necessary. We now have an editorial production workflow appreciated by both journalists and editors. We look forward to refining our workflow further together with Aptoma, to our mutual benefit.

Christian Stavik, Berlingske Media 2018:

Our bounce rate has never been lower, and reading time has never been higher on The quality of DrEdition as a technology and Aptoma’s product and technology advice has been crucial for our accomplishments. We now consider our front page performance to be best in class.

Trond Sundnes, NHST Global 2018:

We are seeing up to 15 pageviews per visit, on average, when using Swipe Editions to publish our national daily in the evening.

WAN-IFRA, 2015

Aftenposten+ powered by Aptoma and Agens technology wins price for world's best tablet newspaper app. A further progressed version of the same article layout technology is now powering Print Automation.

Designer and judge Mario García to describe it as, “One of the best newspaper tablet editions: clarity of navigation, excellent combination of short and long content. Good photography and an overall look and feel that reflect the spirit of Aftenposten. Bravo.”

Espen Olsen Langfeldt, VG 2014:

We can now provide a far better VG+ product that creates a more active reader and better sales, as well as a production solution with much lower staffing than we had when using tools from other vendors

Anette Mellbye, Aftenposten 2014:

Already at the first LayoutPreview demo we were hooked. As the CEO of Aftenposten Mobil, I could immediately see that LayoutPreview could increase the value of our Aftenposten Pluss product.

Before introducing LayoutPreview into the workflow, user adoption and user satisfaction to Aftenposten Pluss had stagnated. The new version now has received massive positive feedback, which is out of the ordinary when changing a product drastically.

Best of all is that the average reading time is now three times higher then on our web-products, and we he have seen a 40% increase in reader subscriptions during the summer!

From a cost perspective, the LayoutPreview layout automation features ensure that we can deliver design perfection to all our articles on both tablets and smartphones. Getting our editorial staff to work with LayoutPreview has been seemless — they love the creative flexibility and simplicity of use.

I can recommend LayoutPreview for any tablet or smartphone media product that aims for visual perfection and scaling.

From a cost perspective, the LayoutPreview layout automation features ensure that we can deliver design perfection to all our articles on both tablets and smartphones. Getting our editorial staff to work with LayoutPreview has been seemless — they love the creative flexibility and simplicity of use.

Håvar Bremer, VG 2014:

A key part of our great success is our ability to adjust content to exactly reflect the current most important events, minute by minute. It makes our readers return again and again throughout the day. DrFront enables us to do this with low effort and great results.

Per Valebrokk, E24 2011:

The introduction of DrPublish has resulted in a significant improvement in virtually every editorial process in E24.