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Postal and invoice address: Aptoma AS, Rådhusgata 23, 0158 Oslo, NORWAY
General requests: post@aptoma.com, +47 40480015
Sales: sales@aptoma.com
Invoice inquiries: invoice@aptoma.com
Send us PDF invoice: aptoma@ebilag.com

CEO: Geir Berset, +47 91775704, geir@aptoma.com
Organizational number: 987 443 561


Our vision is to enable journalists and editors to get their job done, without ever thinking our tools get in their way.

Aptoma was established in 2004. We are based in Oslo, Norway, and Gothenburg, Sweden.

We provide our technology services to dozens of media groups in Scandinavia and the Nordics, totalling hundreds of digital sites and print papers, and thousands of editorial users.

Aptoma is a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) company. Aptoma is fully owned by our own staff. We have no external investors.

Our core business and source of revenue is licensing of our SaaS services.

To learn about our inner workings, read how we present ourselves on the jobs page.

Financial status

Aptoma runs a year-on-year profit, and we have solid equity in the company relative to our size. Our liquidity, solidity and profitability all have top rating. You can see all official accounts here (in Norwegian krone, NOK).

Aptoma has no subsidiaries or sister companies.

2023: 18 MNOK profit and 48 MNOK turnover.
2022: 16 MNOK profit and 40.5 MNOK turnover.
2021: 9.1 MNOK profit and 31.1 MNOK turnover.
2020: 5.6 MNOK profit and 24.5 MNOK turnover.
2019: 0.5 MNOK profit and 15.9 MNOK turnover.
2018: 1.7 MNOK profit and 14.9 MNOK turnover.
2017: 3.2 MNOK profit and 17.8 MNOK turnover.
2016: 3.6 MNOK profit and 21.7 MNOK turnover.
2015: 2.8 MNOK profit and 20.0 MNOK turnover.
2014: -0.9 MNOK profit and 18.5 MNOK turnover.

The decline in turnover from 2016 was caused by full dismantling of all independent consultancy operations, at that time comprising half of our turnover. Growth since 2018 is caused by increase in SaaS subscription revenue.

The team

Aptoma consists of 16 software developers, most of which are also involved in the technical operation of the resulting software services. There are two staff involved in sales, management and accounting.

We organise our teams around steps in your editorial workflow, and around technical operations, as devops. We have organised the way we firmly believe a modern software service (SaaS) company needs to.

Technology and operations

All our user interfaces have always been browser based. All software services are designed SaaS operation to accomplish technology services that scales automatically and that are self-healing.

We run our services on three independent sites to minimise probability of any outages or performance issues.

Service status is reported on aptomastatus.com, and you should subscribe if you’re a customer or super-user of our services.

Under the hood: While we abstract away all specifics of underlying technologies and expose only APIs and web-based GUIs, some customers find peace of mind by knowing more about what’s under the hood. For this purpose you can find a detailed description of the technologies we use in our SaaS specification.

Client side technology requirements: Use Firefox or Chrome with the latest or next to latest major version. Additional CPU and memory requirements may apply if the products you are editing use many and large images.

If you wish to modify or extend the Aptoma products, you will find that the only requirement to your developers is competency in XML, JS, JSON, HTML and CSS.

Company timeline

2004 Company is founded
2005 DrFront launched (Front Page editing)
2006 ATVS/NettTV video services launched (later called DrVideo)
2008 Decided to support R/W APIs on all products (headless CMS capability).
2010 DrPublish launched (Digital writer)
2011 Rebuild for SaaS initiated
2013 LayoutPreview launched
2015 WAN-IFRA World Award to Aftenposten+ powered by LayoutPreview
2016 DrVideo removed from product catalog and services dismantled.
2016 DrEdition launched
2016 Swipe Editions launched
2016 Decided to dismantle non-product related consultancy
2017 Front Pages in DrEdition replaces DrFront
2018 Front page project with Google DNI support completed
2018 Rebuild for SaaS is completed
2019 Non-product related consultancy fully dismantled
2019 DrEdition Print Automation launched
2020 Swipe Editions removed from product catalog

How Aptoma is run

Our CEO, Geir Berset, is also the head of customer service and support, to make sure our company is run to accommodate the needs of our existing customers first.

Each product and the main product features have a team formed around them. Teams decide how to develop the product to accommodate our customers’ general needs.

Deciding to create new products, and changes to the purpose of existing products, are discussed by our business team, consisting of our CEO, head of customer service, and team representatives. Decisions are made openly in our all-hands meetings to ensure all concerns are considered and that we are all on board.

New customer requirements are handled at team level whenever possible. If new customer requirements span multiple products or alters the purpose of any existing product, it is dealt with by Business Team and CEO on a weekly basis.

Sales for us is about assessing the customer prospect’s requirements to see that we can deliver an effect higher than the cost of our services. As such, sales is embedded into all parts of our operations, and we do not keep a separate sales staff.

We do not market our services but currently rely on satisfied customers recommending our services to their industry colleagues.


We are looking for full stack developer to join our development team. The team is working on improving the editorial workflow. We help the media industry to be more efficient by automating the tedious, low value manual tasks, and creating powerful tools for expressing journalistic intent. In short, we automate all that can be automated, so that the journalists can focus on pure value creation. Read more at /jobs.